French cop in black hoodie looks suspiciously similar to terrorists

Maybe the alleged terrorists wanted to look like cops. Nevertheless, here are the terrorists as captured on video as they are about to allegedly shoot a French police officer:CBS news_photo of cop before apparently being shot

Here’s a photo from the Daily Mail:

hooded police officer near hostage situation

Caption: “A hooded police officer armed with an assault rifle crosses the ring road that circles Paris at its point east, near the hostage situation.”

The Daily Mail article has lots of interesting photos and info about a second hostage situation, where this officer was allegedly photographed, and a third shooting. Here are some photos from the article:

hostage event 01 hostage event 02hostage event 2b hostage event 09hostage event 10hostage event 05hostage event 11hostage event 06

Don’t these, in particular, look staged? Reminds me of every ISIS/ISIL/IS photo ever published:

hostage event 07hostage event 08

Apparently, no one was allowed to leave the area during this event. These two were allegedly seen leaving:

hostage event 03hostage event 04

The fact that all of this looks so similar to American staged events makes me suspect it’s a drill that they’re trying to tell us is real. I know they’re saying there are dead public figures; however, Charlie Hebdo is a leftist magazine and the political left champions the idea of a global government (which, I believe, is the ultimate goal of all these events). Would these men and their families be willing to start new lives for this cause? Notice, for example, how many members of Sandy Hook families are, and have been, leftist activists. Carlos, the cowboy hat guy in the Boston bombing event, is also a leftist activist.

Would they do it for big money? Have you noticed how many participants in these events become rich? How many people do you know who solicit money for their deceased relatives? Yet consider the Sandy Hook families. The government paid out big time, but these families are still asking for money. How about the recent cop killings in New York and Florida? Why such a big deal, in comparison with deaths of other police officers, and why so many funds set up to collect for their families? How often have you seen this for other officers killed in the line of duty? I have found this worth looking into, as even locally such funds are set up each time there’s an event that seems it might be staged.

For those who don’t believe such lies could be kept secret, think of how they’re able to keep the lid on the secrets of reality TV shows. On the other hand, people do sometimes spill the beans on government-sponsored projects and events. Consider those who’ve spoken about what they saw on 9/11. How many believe them (or have even heard them)? The public has been conditioned to believe that anything the media/government can label “conspiracy theory” emerges from the minds of crazy people. Those who fall for this should be pitied. It’s difficult to consider the fact that your trusted government has been lying to and abusing its citizens. It takes courage to face the truth because it changes your worldview and many can’t handle that. On the other hand, the future the globalists have long planned is on its way, sooner or later. May God help all of us when the truth is finally in our faces.

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