“Police Commissioner Investigating Charlie Hebdo Case ‘Commits Suicide'”

From Jon Vibes at theantimedia.org:

In the middle of investigating the Charlie Hebdo terror attack, at the height of the case, Police Commissioner Helric Fredou reportedly killed himself. The alleged suicide occurred between Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, at the police station. Terror suspects Cherif and Said Kouachi were found and killed over one day later, on January 9th.

The 45-year-old Police Commissioner was shot in the head, and did not leave a suicide note.

The strange and high profile death has been all but absent from the mainstream media, especially locally in Europe, with just one local report from the publication “Le Parisien.”

From sputniknews:

Police commissioner Helric Fredou, who had been investigating the attack on the French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, committed suicide in his office. The incident occurred in Limoges, the administrative capital of the Limousin region in west-central France, on Thursday night, local media France 3 reports.

Helric Fredou, 45, suffered from depression and experienced burn out. Shortly before committing suicide, he met with the family of a victim of the Charlie Hebdo attack and killed himself preparing the report.

For additional strangeness, it seems the President of France has blamed the attacks on the “Illumines”, which apparently can mean either crazy ones or enlightened ones. How about both? Anyway, The Vigilant Christian made a YouTube video about it.

And have you seen news footage of the NYPD’s heightened presence in New York City after the Paris event, with its Hercules Team standing on the streets holding assault rifles? I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t because although I’ve seen the footage on TV, I can’t find it on the Internet. Here’s a photo of a Hercules cop:

NYPD Hercules Team 09

Who ever expected to see this in the U.S.A.? Is it possible that the land of the free is already gone, given over to a global government that desires to keep its boot on our collective neck?

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