Driving was a criminal act last night

I’ve been watching news of Blizzard Juno (now merely “Winter Storm Juno”) with some interest. On the Weather Channel a young reporter pointed to a Boston street and stated that in an hour it would be a crime to drive there. A New York reporter advised residents to stay in their “safe place,” which brought to mind the phrase “shelter in place,” which I first heard during the Boston Bombing event.

From news.com.au:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a travel ban for all but emergency vehicles on every road in 13 counties in southern New York State, including New York City, suburban Westchester and Long Island

He warned that violators would be hit with a $300 fine.

“If you are in your car and you are on any road, town, village, city, it doesn’t matter, after 11 o’clock, you will technically be committing a crime,” Mr Cuomo said.


The governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut declared states of emergency ahead of a paralyzing blizzard expected to wallop the tri-state with more than 2 feet of snow, coastal flooding and heavy sustained winds that will make even the slightest travel hazardous.

Governments, school districts, transit authorities and other bodies are preparing for the worst and have already announced several changes to services.

The head of NYC transit mentioned how important it was to keep their trains safe. No mention of those who rely on their trains. People being interviewed on the streets felt it was a good idea to keep cars off the roads because cars would get in the way of cleaning crews. It’s funny how mixing cars and snow and street clearing doesn’t seem to be a problem in most cities.

From the Wall Street Journal:

A potentially record-setting blizzard had the New York region bracing for the worst Monday night, as officials closed streets and schools and urged residents to stay inside.

City and state officials said roads would close late Monday, an extraordinary step, and schools were let out early across the region.

In New Jersey, a statewide travel ban was going into effect late Monday. Trains weren’t expected to run again until Thursday, and Gov. Chris Christie closed state offices and declared a state of emergency.

Connecticut officials announced a statewide travel ban.

New York’s subway system, the main lifeblood of the city’s residents, was expected to close late Monday, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo .

“This is not going to be like other snowstorms,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference at the Office of Emergency Management Monday afternoon. He was joined by half a dozen city commissioners to brief New Yorkers on a storm that he said will hit “very hard and very fast.”

Here are photos of the horrific aftermath:

Blizzard Juno 01Blizzard Juno 02Blizzard Juno 03

From news.com.au:

NEW York is returning to business as usual as metrologists apologised for generating panic, calling the blizzard ‘a big forecast miss’.
A National Weather Service meteorologist in New Jersey said the prediction should have been more accurate.

“My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public,” Gary Szatkowski tweeted. “This is a big forecast miss.”

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s line was “better safe than sorry” after the blizzard dumped only about a third of the snow that was expected.

“We had a consensus from meterologists that this thing was going to be close to two feet of snow,” Mr de Blasio said.

“It would have paralysed this city.”

And shutting down roadways and mass transit didn’t paralyze the city? Check out the looks on their faces in this still taken from the Governor’s morning after news conference:

morning after news conference

If they didn’t look so ashamed I’d think they’d used the threat of snow as an excuse to prepare their minions and residents for martial law.

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