Cops kill someone every 8 hours

From the Free Thought Project:

As of February 15, only a month and a half into 2015, there has been at least 136 individuals killed by police in the United States since the first of the year.

As the author suggests, let these facts sink in.

The article cites examples of countries without murderous cops, such as Canada (14 killed by cops in 2014), England (1 killed in 2014, none in 2013), and Germany (zero killed by cops 2013-2014). The first thing that comes to mind is that the countries listed have strict gun control laws. Are the powers that be allowing, or perhaps encouraging, cops to kill U.S. citizens in a final push to disarm us?

And gun-grabbers, don’t try to tell the rest of us that the cops will stop killing citizens if the populace were disarmed. Do you really believe they would? Will handing over our guns inspire local police forces to melt down their assault weapons and tanks? And what about criminals, who will still have guns? Where do you get the moral authority to take away my means of self defense?

Back to the article:

So far this year all cop killers have been other cops. This year the police seem to be far more likely to die as a result of police brutality than at the hand of a violent suspect.

Just last week an officer responding to a domestic disturbance at a North Texas residence, shot and killed off-duty sheriff’s deputy Larry Hostetter, 41, shortly after midnight.

At the end of January, we also reported on a Yonkers police officer who shot a suicidal officer from another precinct, claiming he feared for his safety.

You don’t hear any of this on mainstream news. Here’s more of what they don’t tell us:

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, the pro-police site that tracks every officer death, not a single police officer has been killed by a suspect so far this year.

Line of Duty Deaths: 14

How did the 14 die?

Automobile accident: 5
Heart attack: 4
Struck by vehicle: 2
Vehicle pursuit: 1
9/11 related illness: 1
Gunfire (Accidental): 1

Here’s more:

In fact, being a police officer isn’t even close to being in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in this country.  According to the 2013 report by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics on work-related fatal injuries, “Police and sheriff’s patrol deputies” ranked as the 41st most dangerous occupation.

Also, according to an FBI report, Americans are less violent than ever; its the police who have been increasingly violent.

Free Thought Project’s conclusion:

As Liberation News pointed out, a vast majority of those killed by the police in 2015 have again been young African Americans and Latinos. The two youngest were both 17-years-old, Kristiana Coignard of Texas and Jessica Hernandez of Colorado. The oldest was 87-year-old Lewis Becker from rural upstate New York.

Officers who cannot bring 17-year-old girls or 87-year-old men into custody safely have absolutely no business “protecting and serving” anyone.  A person who cannot control a situation with a 90 pound high school girl or an elderly gentleman, and “fear for their life” so severely that they need to pull a trigger, is not a hero, they’re a coward.

These are just excerpts from the article, which can be found at Free Thought Project. It includes more info and some good links.

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