What’s happened to Vladimir Putin?

There’s some interesting information in this article at All News Pipeline:

There Is Something Very Strange About The Vladimir Putin Death Hoax Story

In part, it reports that first there was a Facebook page announcing Putin’s March 10th death and then, two days later, the website of his protege Medvedev announced the same. In addition, it seems a Russian attache left his post in Britain over the alleged rumor. Maybe it’s a hacker’s hoax; however, there’s a lot of strangeness surrounding this story.

A Reuters’ report stated Putin had fallen ill and thus had to cancel a visit to Kazakhstan but that page was retracted and no longer exists, although a Canadian version does and the All News Pipeline article has the transcript. There’s also this:

2015_Putin ill

Since the weekend, mainstream media are reporting all sorts of alleged Putin sightings; however, at least some of the evidence appears to consist of old videos and photos. From an update at All News Pipeline:

ABC News’ Good Morning America talks about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reappearance after a 10-11 day absence from the world scene, overlayed with footage proving he has made a live public appearance……. strange part of that is part of that footage is from March 2014.

Some are saying that while he was away, Putin put 40,000 troops on full alert for “snap-readiness exercises.” Did he have to drop out of sight to do that?

Here’s an NPR article that is as strange as the rumors. It includes this bit of information:

Reuters reminds us that Putin’s disappearance from public view “began a week after an opposition leader was gunned down outside the Kremlin walls.”

One of the rumors is that Putin was killed in retaliation for the murder of the opposition leader.

In addition, there’s a Russian report that his chief bodyguard has been killed. And, in the following video, Professor Doom1 claims that reports coming out of Israel and other places state there’s a coup taking place in Russia:

In a follow-up video, Professor Doom1 shows photos of unusual activity taking place at the Kremlin. Here are a couple of still shots:

2015_trucks near Kremlin 2015_trucks near Kremlin 2

One of the theories is that Putin was in hiding because he had plastic surgery. Wouldn’t that be a good cover story if they were going to use a lookalike for awhile? When I watched a video of his alleged recent meeting with Kyrgyzstan’s president, Putin’s expression and mannerisms strangely lacked his usual bravado. Here are a couple of photos from that meeting:

2015_Putin post 03

2015_Putin post 02

Perhaps recent fatherhood has mellowed him? Putin’s girlfriend recently giving birth is another rumor that Russian officials say is not true.

There’s so much more to this story about Putin’s brief disappearance. The alleged rumors and the alleged facts supporting them have not yet stopped. Is it all a silly hoax? Probably not. As the old saying goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Could it be a sort of “shell game” to keep the world’s attention away from what’s really happening, whatever that might be?

For additional strangeness, add to the Putin stories the rumors that Iran’s Ayatollah is dead. And to that add reports that Iran has amassed 10,000 troops six miles from Israel’s northern border. Is it just more of the shell game?

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