Why the meltdown of Hillary supporters?

I don’t understand why people have had such abnormal reactions to her loss. Is it possible they’re victims of a mass delusion? Or do they share some sort of personality disorder? What kind of personality disorder could make them all vote for Hillary?

Before getting to that, let’s be clear that the Purple Revolution protests are staged. See, for example, the following short video showing the many buses that brought in protestors (H/T ZeroHedge):

And it’s now common knowledge that protesters were paid to protest Trump during the campaign and we know that George Soros is funding U.S. protests. But that doesn’t explain the mass meltdown.

In March of this year, students at Emory University in Atlanta were provided “emergency counseling” after they discovered the following words written in chalk on a campus sidewalk: “Trump 2016” and “Vote Trump.” The reaction of some of the students was far from normal. Could they have been victims of some kind of mind programming experiment, which caused the writing to trigger bizarre reactions? Part of the story, from Newsweek:

When the words “Trump 2016” and other chalked messages supporting the Republican presidential front-runner appeared Monday around the Emory University campus in Atlanta, students say they immediately felt threatened. Within hours, they launched a protest.

“We are in pain,” one student said at a rally, according to The Emory Wheel, a student newspaper. “I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school,” a second student reportedly said…

“I legitimately feared for my life,” a freshman who identifies as Latino told The Daily Beast. Another student told the publication, “Some of us were expecting shootings. We feared walking alone.”

That’s just weird. The emotionally-injured students met with the university’s president, who publicly stated:

“During our conversation, they voiced their genuine concern and pain in the face of this perceived intimidation…. I cannot dismiss their expression of feelings and concern as motivated only by political preference or over-sensitivity.”

One of the markings:  trump-chalk-markIf it wasn’t over-sensitivity or political preference, what then? Were they lying, like other phony, paid anti-Trump protesters? Or are they truly victims – of mind control through mass media, academic experiments, or – what?

Here are a couple of videos of Hillary supporters in meltdown. What can you make of their behavior? Whatever the source of it, they are the scary people in this country. They talk about peace and love but inside is darkness. Others know what they really are and it contributed to Hillary’s defeat. See also the reports of Hillary’s reaction to her loss; for example, Hillary ‘physically violent’ after losing: Clinton had to be briefly restrained after trying to attack own staff. See also her reactions to every instance in which she does not get her way; as a recent example, Clinton Meltdown At Surprise Question – Vulgar Screams, Thrown Water, Obscenities.

Be forewarned, the first video includes some pretty bad language.

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