Back for a moment

It’s crazy (immoral) how much hosting services raise their rates after the initial sign-up fees. We went with the last web host because reviewers said they didn’t do that, but they did. Now we’re hosted by, which is free.

As for the Las Vegas shooting event, contrary to previous, similar events, this one seems to have had some real bullets flying. However, many of the photos seem to have been staged, probably taken during the mass casualty drill that was conducted just before the event. There was an excellent video produced about the photos, called “Why are ANY Las Vegas shooting pictures Photoshopped?” by Truth, but this is now what’s there:

YouTube channel for photoshop video terminated

Truth pointed out, among other things, that the official photographs were focused and clear, while the cellphone photos were rather dark and grainy, which makes more sense because they were taken at night. And who would take the time to stop, frame, focus, and shoot when a sniper was shooting at you? Truth also revealed a man obviously photoshopped into a picture who, although not running, his feet were not touching the ground. Truth found the pictures on Google Images. They may still be there.

In transferring the blog, it became apparent that many of the YouTube videos, as well as other links, in earlier posts are no longer viable. However, I find their unavailability interesting and therefore have left the posts as they are.

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